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We are dedicated to providing gentle, high quality care and personal attention to our patients. Here you will find information on our staff, the services we provide, office information, and general Chiropractic resources.

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3330 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA. 95816

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Exercising with a Herniated Di...
20 May 2018 11:19 chiropractor sacramento

Strengthening your back with a herniated disc is possible In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to go about rehabilitation. Long gone are the days when doctors recommended bed rest for spinal injuries. And while most herniated discs will require a few days of heavy rest and recuperation, especially during the acute injury phase, it is important to get moving  [ ... ]

Spinal Stenosis in Our Spotlig...
15 May 2018 12:32 chiropractor sacramento

One of the lesser known spinal conditions Nonetheless, one of the most brutal. Spinal stenosis involves a narrowing of the spinal canal, which shelters and protects the spinal cord. When this narrowing happens, space is naturally reduced and the ensuing tightness pinches the spinal cord and the nerves around it, causing pain, tingling and numbness, throughout the spi [ ... ]

The Standing Hip Shift Address...
10 May 2018 08:39 chiropractor sacramento

A challenging exercise with a great reward The Standing Hip Shift is an answer for people who have chronically tight hip flexors, anterior pelvic tilt, spinal misalignment and back pain. In other words, if you sit a lot, or feel stiff a lot, this movement can directly address some of the muscular imbalances that are causing your pain. As always, consult with a health [ ... ]