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Portion Control: Christmas Dinner Edition

Christmas dinner diet

During Christmas dinner, self control often flies out the window

The table is set and your eyes are agog; every single dish looks enticing. And hey, it's Christmas, why not indulge yourself this one night out of the year? Talk about a dangerous scenario for weight-watchers, albeit a very common one. Holiday recipes make it very difficult to stick to your normal, healthy eating routine. Read on to find our tips for controlling yourself at Christmas dinner.

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An Anti-Inflammatory Christmas Feast

Inflammatory christmas sacramento

Christmas is full of dietary pitfalls

While watching weight will be a primary priority for most people, back pain sufferers should pay attention to the amount of inflammatory agents they consume. Many christmas recipes are chalk full of inflammatory ingredients; sugar and saturated fats are among the worse culprits. We don't want you to skip out on your favorite meals, but a dash of awareness goes a long way when it comes to managing your back pain this holiday season.

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A Holiday of Health: Treating Your Body Right with Chiropractic

Muscle therapy christmas sacramento

The holiday season is a time of renewal for your muscles

 Many of us will be sitting at home around Christmas time, watching our kids running around the tree and wondering, "how did I become so stiff?" The answer to that question is complex, and it takes into account every action (and inaction) that you've taken up to this point in your life. But the important thing to remember is that no matter how stiff you are, it's never too late to start making improvements. Your muscles have been working hard all year long- the holiday season is a time to thank them and take stock of how you can help them out.

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Staying on Track this Holiday Season: Adjusting Fitness Expectations

Holiday fitness sacramento

It's inevitable that we work out less during the holiday season.

Our schedule is simply too full with social engagements, marathon cooking and baking sessions, and last-minute gift shopping to even think about exercise. With such a happy maelstrom, it can be easy to drop your exercise routine completely; unfortunately, few of us can afford to put our fitness on hold for a month as we stuff ourselves full of the excesses of Christmas dinners and New Years Eve parties. Here are some ideas for indulging in holiday cheer without sacrificing your 2017 health gains. 

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Helping Humans Maximize Their Innate Mobility

Chiropractor Sacramento

How mobile are you?

You are made of joints and your joints were made to move! Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard that being sedentary isn't good for humans. It takes us out of our natural element- movement helps all of our major systems function better.  In this respect, range of motion is the measure of the movement a particular joint can perform. As we grow older, we become less flexible; this is the first step toward losing range of motion. Unless we take steps to maintain our flexibility through stretching and strengthening, we are setting a course for stiffness and disability in old age. So how does chiropractic help us maintain range of motion?

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