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Sitting All Day: How Do I Limit the Damage?

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Sitting all day

While calling sitting the new smoking is an exercise in hyperbole, it is clear that excessive sitting will take some kind of toll on your spine. The degree to which sitting harms your spine will be determined by the steps you take in prevention. These steps include:

  • Strengthening the core
  • Setting yourself up ergonomically 
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Using properly adjusted office equipment
  • Becoming a posture expert

But where to start? Taking action on behalf of your spine can be a difficult undertaking. That's why we always say it's a good idea to lean on your Sacramento spinal health experts. 

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Treating Herniated Discs with Cox Technic Flexion/Distraction

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The severity of herniated discs varies

From a barely noticeable injury that heals itself to a crippling painful condition that knocks you out of action indefinitely, herniated discs vary widely in scope and severity. While it is true that most people have the capacity to heal their herniated disc by themselves, for others the injury can develop into a chronic condition. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, it is our foremost priority to stop this from happening. To us, successfully healing a herniated disc goes far beyond just getting rid of the pain. It also involves:

  • restoring full range of motion
  • restoring full strength to the supporting musculature
  • preventing the injury from recurring

The first step is a proper diagnosis. From there we determine which modalities will benefit you the most. Read on to learn about one of our most successful techniques for rehabilitating herniated discs.

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Postpartum: Body Rehabilitation Begins

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Overcome with joy with your newborn 

And adjusting to the mental stress and responsibility of life with a new life, it can be easy to forget that your body has a veritable mountain to climb. You will probably lose 12 pounds right away, including the weight of the baby, placenta, some blood and amniotic fluid. Many women ask us why they still look pregnant in the weeks or months after pregnancy. The answer is that your abdominal muscles are stretched to the max! It takes patience and dedication to get your stomach back in shape, and some women are never able to fully banish the pregnancy pouch.

But a further consideration is the state of your spine which, for most women, suffers immensely during the pregnancy process. Your pelvic ligaments remain loose for a period of months after pregnancy meaning that the destabilized state persists. We treat many women who complain that the aches and pains of pregnancy are still with them, even though there baby has been with us for weeks. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we have a plan for helping new mothers regain a pain-free life.

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The Power of Spinal Health Habits, For Better or Worse

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How do your habits affect your spine?

Short answer, greatly. Spinal health is best thought of as a daily, if not hourly, struggle to maintain balance and prevent degeneration. Every little activity you undertake during the day, even if it is no activity at all, is going to have an effect on this system. Starting in our 30s, bone and muscle loss sets in and the challenge takes on a whole new dimension. Being proactive about your spinal health is not only about exercising, eating well and using good posture, but also about being aware at every moment of how your activities and habits affect your spine. Let's take a look at some bad spinal health habits and see how you are doing:

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Why is Corrective Chiropractic Care Different?

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What does corrective chiropractic care entail?

This is a comprehensive approach to healthcare that starts by evaluating the Central Nervous System (CNS) and spinal function. Because the spine houses the CNS, it follows that spinal dysfunction will interfere with the proper functioning of everything in your life, as the CNS controls most functions of the body and mind. Our job as practitioners of Corrective Care Chiropractic is to not only control pain, but to fearlessly search and resolve the causes of your spinal dysfunction. Let's take a look at how this works. 

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