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Counting calories is an unpleasant reality of aging. For people who spend most working days in the office, the struggle to maintain equilibrium can often tip in the favor of more calories consumed than burned. As we age and metabolism starts to slow, we start to see and feel the excess. So often the odds are stacked against us because we start at a point of disadvantage: the more weight we have to shed to achieve, the less likely we are to take the initiative and follow through with a weight loss plan. The best way we have found is to take it slow and do it together. 

When envisioning and implementing any weight loss plan, we want to keep sight of the primary equation. To maintain a healthy weight, calories consumed = calories burned. For people who are modestly overweight and looking to reach their personal, "healthy weight," it will take a coordinated effort between diet and exercise. This means limiting calories and increasing activity. 

Can you cut 2.5 hours out of every week to devote to moderate aerobic activity? Can you cut out 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound per week? Perhaps that sounds drastic, so we start where you feel comfortable and build on your success. Because each person's body is different, each person's caloric needs are specific to the individual.

 We help by keeping the structures and muscles of your body in proper working order, improving your circulation, and providing you with a natural energy boost that both improves state of mind and motivates you to get moving. From here it is a matter of small lifestyle adjustments and we help to provide an accountability and moral support team that boosts your chances of success.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.





Getting wet could be your ticket to a healthier spine. We always tell people, when trying to improve the state of your spine, or to rehabilitate an injury, movement is key. Movement reduces pain, but pain reduces movement. The key is to get out of this cycle and we can help: our chiropractic adjustment will help improve range of motion and reduce inflammation so that you can get up and be active. One of the best destinations from here is the pool.

Swimming is a great, holistic exercise for the body. Low-impact and high reward, it actually strengthens joints rather than weakening them the way running does. The buoyancy of water provides support for the body by removing the pull of gravity but it also provides natural resistance as you glide through the water. The benefits are enormous. 

Water therapy also removes the pressure of gravity, but gets you moving in a less exhaustive manner. Certain programs can actually be used to target your specific back pain. 

Soaking is the easiest method, but it is not to be ignored. Warm water is great for healing joints, relaxing sore muscles and promoting blood circulation. 

Swimming is primal and perhaps this is why we feel so good in the water. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we want to see people start getting wet for the sake of their spine. Call our office to schedule an evaluation of your spine to find out if swimming could be right for you! You never know until you try, and it is never too late to start. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C. 


Vacation raises the spirits. boosts energy levels, and strengthens the mind's resolve. It offers a crucial respite to the many days of work that pile on both mental and physical stress. So, are you headed to the mountains for a camping getaway? to a tropical beach to do nothing but read books and swim? or to a city you've always wanted to see to breathe in the culture and experience some culinary delight? Whatever your plan, these tips can help maximize your enjoyment and minimize your pain: 

  • Always factor in some rest! It is easy to get carried away trying to see every last thing, which leaves you mentally spun out and physically exhaustive. Balance the sight seeing with taking your time in restaurants and truly relaxing. 
  • Get a good pair of walking shoes: you often end up walking more than you ever imagined. A good pair of walking shoes will prevent a lot of damage to your joints and leave you feeling spry!
  • Bring your own pillow: hotel pillows are often inadequate and can leave your neck feeling stiff and sore after what was supposed to be a relaxing night. 
  • Posture: keep it in mind! Don't let this trip contribute to the degradation of your spinal structures or supporting muscles. Stay upright and smile! 
  • Stretch: whether you are travelling by plane, train or automobile, find time to break the monotony and release the accumulating tension with a few well-timed stretches. 

If in doubt, call our office before your trip and schedule an examination. We can ensure your back is properly aligned and free of nerve-impinging subluxation. At the same time, we can work together to create a plan for spinal health on your travels. Give our office in Sacramento a call and see how we can optimize the enjoyment of your vacation. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C. 

airplane food

The simple sight of an airplane or the thought of an airborne voyage can be enough to set some back-pain sufferers jittering with anticipation. The plane is one of the worst places for backs because of the confined spaces and poorly designed chairs. It is unfortunate that people actively avoid travelling to their dream destinations because they simply cannot put themselves through the pain of a flight. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we want to help you overcome this pain and get on the plane. To this end, we offer chiropractic adjustment to ensure that your back is free of subluxation and muscular imbalance that could contribute to debilitating pain. From here, we offer you our expertise on making the plane a more comfortable place to be:

  • Standing up: every 20 minutes while the seat belt sign is off, stand up and walk down the aisle and back. While you're up, keep your legs straight and reach for your toes. 
  • Stretching: from the chair, perform gentle neck twists, shoulder rolls and leg lifts to break the cycle of accumulating tension. 
  • Hydrating: drink plenty of water on the plane, to keep joints hydrated and reduce the chance of cramping. 
  • Using the complimentary pillow: to create as close to a properly supported resting position as may be possible, place the pillow in the curve of your lower back and sit up straight against it.

These tips will help you keep your blood circulating, helping to improve every function and system in your body. Utilizing proper posture will also help you prevent further degradation to the joints and structures of the back. For more help on creating a more comfortable travelling experience, give our office in Sacramento a call at (916) 457-8825.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C. 


Pain limits movement: this we know to be true. Pain is often enough to discourage people from exercising completely, to the detriment of their rehabilitation. Excluding more severe injuries, successful rehabilitation often depends on keeping your body moving. 
Benefits of more flexibility include:

  • Prevention of injury 
  • Better balance and coordination 
  • Easier aerobic exercise
  • Improved athletic performance 
  • Easier everyday movements 
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Less likelihood or re-injury
  • Less pain 

We do not propose that the average person needs the flexibility of a contortionist; however, everyone can use a little more flexibility in their life. Healthier joints and longer, stronger muscles become all the more important as we age. So, how does chiropractic help? We realign joints to reduce pain and immediately restore range of motion. This makes stretching for flexibility less painful and more effective: stretching will elongate your muscle fiber, from the middle of the muscle to the point where muscle meets tendon. 


Don't let pain stop you from moving! It is a dangerous cycle whereby one encourages the other: pain encourages less movement, while less movement leaves you vulnerable to injury. For help reducing pain and adding more flexibility into your life, give our office in Sacramento a call. Helping you live a prosperous, pain free life is our prerogative. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.