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What does soft tissue therapy involve?

Many people think of soft tissue therapy as a fancy name for massage. But it is so much more than a basic massage. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, the primary goal of soft tissue therapy is rehabilitation. We assess and determine the extent of pain and inflammation in a given region and use soft tissue therapy to manipulate and man age this pain. By combining this with traditional chiropractic modalities, we offer another dimension to our pain management and prevention arsenal. So why is soft tissue therapy so effective?

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Morning time offers a choice

Will you start your day by falling back into the same old pattern? Or break out of it and begin on the track of healthy habits that will take you through the day with less back pain. All trends will begin in the morning time- it's when you set the tone for your day; in this vein, we ask: what is more trendy than a healthy spine? Yes, the spine is the conduit for the nervous system, but it is also the conduit to a happy, healthy life. So let's take a look at starting your day on the right foot for spinal health. 

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The severity of herniated discs varies

From a barely noticeable injury that heals itself to a crippling painful condition that knocks you out of action indefinitely, herniated discs vary widely in scope and severity. While it is true that most people have the capacity to heal their herniated disc by themselves, for others the injury can develop into a chronic condition. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, it is our foremost priority to stop this from happening. To us, successfully healing a herniated disc goes far beyond just getting rid of the pain. It also involves:

  • restoring full range of motion
  • restoring full strength to the supporting musculature
  • preventing the injury from recurring

The first step is a proper diagnosis. From there we determine which modalities will benefit you the most. Read on to learn about one of our most successful techniques for rehabilitating herniated discs.

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Sitting all day

While calling sitting the new smoking is an exercise in hyperbole, it is clear that excessive sitting will take some kind of toll on your spine. The degree to which sitting harms your spine will be determined by the steps you take in prevention. These steps include:

  • Strengthening the core
  • Setting yourself up ergonomically 
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Using properly adjusted office equipment
  • Becoming a posture expert

But where to start? Taking action on behalf of your spine can be a difficult undertaking. That's why we always say it's a good idea to lean on your Sacramento spinal health experts. 

chiropractor sacramento

How do your habits affect your spine?

Short answer, greatly. Spinal health is best thought of as a daily, if not hourly, struggle to maintain balance and prevent degeneration. Every little activity you undertake during the day, even if it is no activity at all, is going to have an effect on this system. Starting in our 30s, bone and muscle loss sets in and the challenge takes on a whole new dimension. Being proactive about your spinal health is not only about exercising, eating well and using good posture, but also about being aware at every moment of how your activities and habits affect your spine. Let's take a look at some bad spinal health habits and see how you are doing: