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3330 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA. 95816

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Phone Number: (916) 457-8825
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Don't Let Running Be the Sourc...
31 Aug 2018 10:10 chiropractor sacramento

Running is repetitive stress At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we love running. It is an instantly-accessible activity that boots fitness and wellness in a single, simple package. We always say, if it gets you active, we support the activity! But don't make the mistake of thinking it is truly low-impact. In fact, running is quite high impact by nature; the r [ ... ]

Weightlifting and Back Pain: A...
30 Aug 2018 07:19 chiropractor sacramento

Weightlifting is a double-edged sword for back pain sufferers On the one hand, it helps maintain muscle strength and tone, lending your back a crucial support. Strength is fundamental to function- it makes us more able and less prone to injury; your muscles are the frontline of defense for your spine against daily compression. On the other hand, weightlifting can sig [ ... ]

Where Does Sciatica Come From?
26 Aug 2018 12:40 chiropractic fremont

Sciatica is a symptom Too many people adhere to the idea that sciatica is a standalone condition. This fallacious thinking leads people down the road of selecting treatments based purely on their pain. In reality, sciatica is a symptom of any number of conditions, including: Spinal stenosis Lumbar herniated discs Degenerative disc disease Spondylolisthesis . [ ... ]