Inflammatory christmas sacramento

An Anti-Inflammatory Christmas Feast

Inflammatory christmas sacramento

Christmas is full of dietary pitfalls

While watching weight will be a primary priority for most people, back pain sufferers should pay attention to the amount of inflammatory agents they consume. Many christmas recipes are chalk full of inflammatory ingredients; sugar and saturated fats are among the worse culprits. We don’t want you to skip out on your favorite meals, but a dash of awareness goes a long way when it comes to managing your back pain this holiday season.

Is there such a thing as an anti-inflammatory Christmas recipe?

Yes, but you have to think outside the box. There are many recipes available online for people looking to minimze their intake of inflammatory ingredients this holiay season. One of the best things you can do is focus on replacing sugar and butter with anti-inflammatory substitues; you will get an equally delicious result with much healthier inputs. If your back is causing you pain during Christmas dinner, use techniques such as ice, stretching and purposeful movement to fight inflammation. Ibuprofen is a good anti-inflammatory that should be used as a last resort.

Whatever the case, make sure you go into the holiday season prepared to manage your inflammation and back pain naturally

At our office in Sacramento, we are equipped to help people take the fight to their back pain. Using natural modalities such as spinal adjustment and deep tissue therapy, we help you fight off inflammation and preserve range of motion. If you are interested in keeping your back pain free this christmas season, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.