butt and back pain

Back Pain and Your Butt

butt and back pain

Could your butt be contributing to back pain?

It is always worth asking the question. Back pain, particularly in the lumbar, can hardly ever be pinned down to a single factor. The nerve network is so complex and the muscle network so far reaching, that often what starts out as the root cause leads to developments in other parts of the body. The butt, in particular the gluteus medius, is a good example of this. 

What is the gluteus medius?

The gluteus medius performs the hip abduction function for your body, helping to raise the leg up to the side of the body. As you walk or run, this becomes essential for maintaining a level pelvis and contributing to stability of the lower back. As you raise one leg to take a step forward, the gluteus medius on the opposing side contracts to make sure that the weight of the free leg doesn’t tilt the pelvis down to that side. If your gluteus medius is weak, the weight of the free leg will drop down cause the pelvis to tilt down the opposing side, causing hip pain and lower back pain. 

What can I do about a weak gluteus medius?

Muscle strength and range of motion are crucial for maintaining a stable spine and thus posture while walking, running and standing. With hip abductor exercises, we can strengthen the gluteus medius to prevent the imbalance of weight from causing back and hip pain. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we are Sacramento’s movement specialists; we want to help you understand the mechanics of your body and how they influence pain. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment and stop your butt from causing you pain today!

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.