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Begin Your Day By Indulging Your Spine

chiropractor sacramento

Morning time offers a choice

Will you start your day by falling back into the same old pattern? Or break out of it and begin on the track of healthy habits that will take you through the day with less back pain. All trends will begin in the morning time- it’s when you set the tone for your day; in this vein, we ask: what is more trendy than a healthy spine? Yes, the spine is the conduit for the nervous system, but it is also the conduit to a happy, healthy life. So let’s take a look at starting your day on the right foot for spinal health. 

The choice is yours: morning-time spinal health habits start with stretching. 

So the first healthy habit is to stop ignoring your pain; don’t accept it is normal; and don’t tell yourself it is a natural part of aging. Because even though it is, that does not give you the excuse to do nothing about it. Instead of jumping straight into your daily activities, take a few seconds or better, minutes, to stretch. Whether it is before or after your shower, a few simple stretches will release the lower back, hamstrings and quads from tension, thereby increasing range of motion and decreasing pain and stiffness in the lower back. People are quick to forsake stretching when even 3 minutes of quality stretching is going to do a lot more for them than nothing. 

Spinal health in Sacramento

Are you someone who gets out of bed, feels stiffness and soreness in their back and simply writes it off, saying: I am too busy, or: that is just a normal part of age, or: I will deal with it later? If so, we are here to tell you that you are setting yourself up for a future of back pain, dysfunction and, ultimately, disability. Today is the day we break you out of this pattern. Give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.