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Breastfeeding Basics: How to Avoid Back Pain

chiropractor sacramento

Back pain and breastfeeding go together

Holding any additional weight is likely to put your body at an odd angle, but a baby ups the ante. In order to effectively nurse, you crane your neck to maintain a gaze with your child, while your back often becomes hunched to support the weight on one side. As your spine is already trying to recover from the trauma of the long journey of pregnancy, this additional stress can be untimely. But there are some steps you can take to mitigate the soreness and stiffness that accrues from breastfeeding. 

Simple ways to make breastfeeding more comfortable

Recline! If you tend to sit when you breastfeed, try to find a setting that allows you to recline slightly, thereby relieving some of the pressure from your neck. Even better is supporting your neck with a cervical support pillow and your lower back with a lumbar cushion. Standing while breastfeeding is advisable to take pressure off the lower back, but you need to be mindful about how you are hunching over; use a sling for additional weight support. If you tend to lay down while breastfeeding, be sure to use a support pillow to prop yourself up. 

We love working with new mothers in Sacramento

At our office, we have decades of experience helping women make the transition to motherhood. From our dedicated pregnancy chiropractic facilities to our expertise in post-partum care, we can help tailor a plan to your body and your baby that will protect and rehabilitate your spine after childbirth. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.