Chiro for Carpal Tunnel

CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) is a condition brought on by pressure that is put on the median nerve in a consistent or aggravating fashion. The most common activities that cause CTS are activities like typing at your keyboard, hammering/construction, automotive work/wrench work, as well as many actions inherent in many sports and leisure activities.

Pressure on your median nerve can often be caused by repetitive motion in a certain area — which explains why typing, chopping, hammering, etc. can often contribute to CTS.

Essentially, performing tasks over and over again is going to create a ton of wear and tear on the body. However, there are things we can do to alleviate the pain and wear and tear, chiropractic treatment being one of them.

Chiropractic and Carpal Tunnel

A majority of those who take advantage of chiropractic treatment show a significant improvement in things like range of motion, hand and finger sensation, not to mention overall pain reduction. These are problems that people who have carpal tunnel have to live with every day. One simple chiropractic treatment can do a lot to improve any lingering pain and discomfort.

Drug-Free Pain Solution

Those of us who would like to avoid prescription medication might seek chiropractic treatment to alleviate carpal tunnel problems. It’s a great alternative to surgery and drugs, especially in our current opioid crisis. Chiropractic treatment does its part on a daily basis to keep people away from opiates.

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