Cooling Down

Cooling Down with Child’s Pose

Cooling Down

The cool down is an important part of any exercise routine

But many people forego it altogether in favor of hopping in the shower and getting on with their day. Devoting a few extra minutes to stretching at the end of your work out will help to finish off the work out on a well-rounded note, helping you to enjoy the endorphin release and transition back to normal activity gently rather than abruptly. Because your muscles are warm and your body has been moving at a higher intensity, we want to focus on a more static form of stretching than the warm up. 

Child’s pose

A static stretch that passively stretches the muscles of the back torso while relaxing the muscles in the front of the body. It targets the hips, thighs and ankles and allows you to focus on deep breathing, which fights stress and fatigue and reduces your heart rate as you transition out of exercise mode. 

  • Being on hands and knees
  • Spread knees as wide as hips, but keep big toes touching. 
  • Sit on your heels
  • Exhale and lay torso down between your thighs
  • Lay hands, palm up, alongside torso and release your shoulders toward the floor. 
  • Rest in this pose for 30 seconds to three minutes. 

Optimizing your entire workout routine with our help

We support your body no matter what physical endeavor you choose. Through chiropractic adjustment, we improve range of motion and negate pain signals that result from nerve impingement; with trigger point therapy we release muscles from tension and help you feel relaxed. Let us help you overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from truly feeling well. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.