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Curves are What Give Your Spine Strength

Chiropractor sacramento

Healthy spinal curvature is essential

In a normal, healthy spine, there are three primary curves- one kyphotic curve in the thoracic segment; two lordotic curves in the cervical and lumbar segments. There is a further kyphotic curve in the sacral segment, but overall, the curves fit together to form a large S-shape. This curvature is absolutely vital for maintaining strength, structure and mobility in the upper body. The curves combine to:

  • Maintain balance and flexibility
  • Cushion and absorb stress
  • Distribute forces across the upper body in a healthy manner

What’s more, healthy curves ensure that your central nervous system is able to communicate unhindered. Spinal curvature disorders develop in response to a number of factors, and can start as soon as early childhood. So what are the main types of spinal curvature disorders and how do they come about?

Spinal curvature disorders in adulthood

It is important to remember that the spine is changing. Once it is done developing, it starts the slow process of degeneration, at a speed which is determined by a number of factors both to do with genetics and lifestyle. The most common adult curvature disorders include:

  • Lordosis: excessive inward curvature of the lower back.
  • Kyphosis: excessive rounding of the upper back.
  • Scoliosis: a sideways curvature of the spine. 

It is our job as spinal healthcare practitioners to help maintain the natural, healthy curvature of your spine. Everyone we treat receives a comprehensive spinal analysis to determine potential curvature issues. We use our findings to set an action plan that will mitigate your particular risk factors and take proactive steps to maintain a healthy curvature. 

Promoting healthy curvature with chiropractic

At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we focus on protecting the natural curvature of your spine. Through natural modalities including manipulation, decompression and therapeutic massage, we focus on maintaining the proper alignment of your vertebrae to help you feel and function better. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.