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Don’t Let Your Office Harm Your Spinal Health

Chiropractor sacramento

Movement in an office setting

Your office presents your body with more challenges than you know. A stiff neck or tension headache is just the tip of the iceberg for many office workers at the end of the day. The nature of office work is such that your body never has time to catch up with how little movement it does- we sink into a pattern of sedentation that becomes the new norm. This presents a particular challenge to our spine- as supportive tissues tighten and muscles atrophy from lack of use, your spine loses it’s main network of support. Tight tendons create a pull on the spine that results in vertebral misalignment and contributes to spinal degeneration. How do we break ourselves out of this cycle?

Moving more starts with awareness

The next time you become aware of a tight feeling in your neck, or a soreness in your fingers, stop typing and pay attention. This is your body sending warning signals to your brain and the standard protocol is to ignore them and keep working- after all, you are up to your eyeballs in work. But it is scientifically proven that comfort is crucial for productivity. It is in your company’s and your personal best interest to make sure your body is in a pain-free state before you continue working. One of the best ways you can do this is through purposeful movement:

  • Move as much as possible: even if you look like you are dancing in your chair, your body was not meant to sit for an hour straight, let alone three! 
  • Change your posture: as a natural extension of this, make sure that you change your posture regularly. This prevents tension from setting in and keeps your blood circulation flowing.
  • Take regular walks: even if it is just to the water fountain, regularly leaving and returning to your desk keeps circulation flowing. 
  • Stretch in your cubicle: whatever part of your body feels tight, there is a stretch that can be done for it within your office space. 
  • Stop typing and stretch your fingers: to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Your office has long-term implications on your spinal health 

At Espinosa Familiy Chiropractic, our job is to ensure these risk factors don’t get the best of your spine. Through education and awareness, we can improve our musculoskeletal health to ensure that