Easy Energy Boosts

When it comes down to it, some of us have more energy than others throughout the day and much of it has to do with the choices we make throughout the day for our health and wellness. When we’re eating good foods, getting the right amount of sleep, as well as staying active and hydrating, this sets the tables for an energy-infused day consistently.

Below, Espinosa Family Chiropractic goes over a few ways to stay energized throughout the day.

1.) Power Nap

Power naps are a great way to replenish yourself in the middle of the day. Try to time your naps for 15-45 minutes, because you don’t want to over nap, which might increase drowsiness.

2.) Smoothie Power

Drink a veggie smoothie with kale, garlic, chlorophyll, and add some protein powder that works for you. You’ll feel amazing!

3.) Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly will help energize you throughout the day and reduce daily anxiety, helping promote a healthy night of sleep.

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