Free Those Hips


Your hips don’t lie: they have a claim for most important joints in the body and their health is essential for human movement. Hips have a lot of muscle mass that attach to them and they perform such crucial roles as conducting forces between the upper and lower body, activating and facilitating the movement of the legs, and providing for much of the movement we perform on a daily basis, including rotating and lifting. Unfortunately, our hips are up against it: as we sit more than ever, the muscles which make up the hip flexors are constantly contracted, which means that over time we are conditioning them to remain in a shortened position. This limits their abilities across the board and our bodies naturally compensate by shifting the burden to other parts of the body, including the lower back and knees, which have enough on their plate already. 

What’s more, if we are going about our lives with shortened hip flexors, the minute we call upon them to perform even a marginally more extreme movement, the shortened muscle is stretched beyond what it can handle and injury ensues. Sitting has left our bodies in a veritable mess, and the hips are no casual victim; at Espinosa Family Chiropractic, the range of motion in your hips, and thus the greater health of your entire body, is our priority. 

Fortunately, chronically tight hips respond well to strengthening and stretching routines that seek to reverse the shortening which occurs during a session of heavy sitting. Chiropractic adjustment is great for relieving pain and nerve irritation associated with imbalance in the lower spine while simultaneously improving range of motion, allowing you to focus on a fitness routine that preserves the health of your hips. For help getting motivated give our office a call and schedule an appointment today!

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.