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Healing Modalities for Athletes: The Deep Friction Massage

chiropractor sacramento

Smart, safe, effective healing for athletes 

The most common sports injuries involve ligament sprains and tendon strains. The severity of these injuries ranges between limiting your performance and preventing you from engaging in physical activity altogether.  At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, a major part of our philosophy is helping athletes heal quickly and effectively. Because exercise is one of the cornerstones of wellness, it is our responsibility to offer you all our knowledge and expertise in support of keeping you active. Deep friction massage is an excellent modality for healing common sports injuries, but it must be carried out by a skilled set of hands. Fortunately, we have those hands! Read on to find out more.

Why choose deep friction massage 

The goals of deep friction massage include:

  • Preventing scar tissue adhesion in the wake of injury
  • Reducing pain 
  • Maximizing mobility in the given region 

Just as spinal mobilization seeks to increase the mobility of a joint, we are seeking to increase the mobility of an injured tissue, muscle, tendon or ligament, allowing them to heal more effectively. 

How it works

Deep friction massage works by applying a sweeping, deep motion directly over the injurious region. By massaging, “across the grain,” or transversely, we are able to mobilize the tissue in question more effectively than with other modalities. In so doing, this motion provides the recovering athlete with pain relief, while stimulating the proper regeneration of connective tissue and preventing the adhesion of scar tissue. 

Athletes benefit from natural modalities in Sacramento

With the right diagnosis and the proper evaluation procedures, we can create an effective, multi-dimensional framework for treating your sports injury. If you are interested in this natural healing approach, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.