Healthy Vacationing


Vacation raises the spirits. boosts energy levels, and strengthens the mind’s resolve. It offers a crucial respite to the many days of work that pile on both mental and physical stress. So, are you headed to the mountains for a camping getaway? to a tropical beach to do nothing but read books and swim? or to a city you’ve always wanted to see to breathe in the culture and experience some culinary delight? Whatever your plan, these tips can help maximize your enjoyment and minimize your pain: 

  • Always factor in some rest! It is easy to get carried away trying to see every last thing, which leaves you mentally spun out and physically exhaustive. Balance the sight seeing with taking your time in restaurants and truly relaxing. 
  • Get a good pair of walking shoes: you often end up walking more than you ever imagined. A good pair of walking shoes will prevent a lot of damage to your joints and leave you feeling spry!
  • Bring your own pillow: hotel pillows are often inadequate and can leave your neck feeling stiff and sore after what was supposed to be a relaxing night. 
  • Posture: keep it in mind! Don’t let this trip contribute to the degradation of your spinal structures or supporting muscles. Stay upright and smile! 
  • Stretch: whether you are travelling by plane, train or automobile, find time to break the monotony and release the accumulating tension with a few well-timed stretches. 

If in doubt, call our office before your trip and schedule an examination. We can ensure your back is properly aligned and free of nerve-impinging subluxation. At the same time, we can work together to create a plan for spinal health on your travels. Give our office in Sacramento a call and see how we can optimize the enjoyment of your vacation. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.