Chiropractor sacramento

Helping Humans Maximize Their Innate Mobility

Chiropractor sacramento

How mobile are you?

You are made of joints and your joints were made to move! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that being sedentary isn’t good for humans. It takes us out of our natural element- movement helps all of our major systems function better.  In this respect, range of motion is the measure of the movement a particular joint can perform. As we grow older, we become less flexible; this is the first step toward losing range of motion. Unless we take steps to maintain our flexibility through stretching and strengthening, we are setting a course for stiffness and disability in old age. So how does chiropractic help us maintain range of motion?

Simple: chiropractic adjustment directly addresses mobility issues in your spinal joints 

Movement starts and ends with the spine. From birth, our spine is constantly struggling to maintain alignment and balance between the vertebrae and its supporting structures and musculature. As we grow older, the weight increases, the level of activity tapers off and the forces conspiring against our spines are able to tip the balance. As joints move out of alignment, nerves are pressurized, muscles are over- or underused, the first thing that goes is mobility. You know this because the last thing you want to do to a painful region is move it! 

Chiropractic for maintaining range of motion

At our office in Sacramento, maintaining your mobility is a primary priority. Using targeted chiropractic adjustment, we focus on restoring mobility to restricted spinal joints. Using deep tissue therapy and corrective exercise, we can improve circulation to an injurious region to start the healing process. As you move forward in life toward seniority, your ability to maintain range of motion will be an influential factor in maintaining independence. If this is something you are interested in protecting, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.