His staff is tremendous too!

Dr. Espinosa is a D.C. that relates to my personal, sports, anatomical, medical, holistic and even spiritual needs. I sought chiropractic care because I reached a point at which I could not stand or walk for five minutes at a time. During a Hawaiian vacation, I spent half an hour lying supine on the beach…because I could not get up! Dr. Espinosa helped me recover, through adjustments, reminding me to stretch, and exercise my core and hamstrings daily. After the first adjustment, I noticed improvement, along with pain reduction and increased mobility. Recently, I enjoyed an amazing 2-week Alaskan vacation –pain-free. I was able to hike and explore without spinal subluxation. I no longer suffer needlessly from chronic pain and back freeze-ups. After completing my entire prescribed treatment plan, I moved into an incredible wellness program. I have recommended Chiropractic and Dr. Espinosa to all of my friends and family because of Dr. Espinosa’s technical expertise, not to mention his ability to relate personally with people. His staff is tremendous too! Thank you, Dr. E and Staff!!! – Dan D