How to add in movement little by little

no movement

When it comes to preserving the health of your body, every little movement counts. Starting small is the best way to instill the habit. Once you have taught yourself an appreciation for leaving laziness behind, it is easy to spend more time moving. For example, going for a walk after dinner is a great way to help your body process the nutrients and digest your food. Even a 10 minute walk is better than nothing.


  • Combine exercise with entertainment. Treadmill with tunes or a podcast; practice yoga poses in front of the television; do crunches on the deck.
  • For every little trip to the corner store, consider walking or biking. It will save you the gas and get you outside and walking.
  • If you do drive, don’t look for the closest possible parking spot. Park on the top floor of the parking garage and get those extra steps.
  • Do housework and work in the lawn by yourself or with family and friends. Make sure you protect your back.
  • Walk as you talk on telephone calls.

Sitting really is becoming a disease. If your lifestyle requires a mix of commuting, sitting at work and your leisure demands a lot of sitting at home call our office so we can start finding some ways to fit in exercise and movement and break the cycle.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.