How to Reach Relaxation Using your Pillow


Relaxation is an identifiable state 

A basic definition of relaxation taken from Google: the state of being free from tension and anxiety. But what does it take to get to such a peaceful sounding place? When it comes to sleeping, the process begins with comfort. Feelings of comfort lead to calm, a state of harmony between body, mental processing and emotions. Calm theoretically then gives way to relaxation, allowing your body to reduce its expenditure of energy and focus on resting. This last phase is when sleep occurs, but the process, as many of you will know, is far from easy. While reducing anxiety and tension is not a simple case of getting from point A to point B, there are steps you can take, including using your pillow, to create a comfortable environment for your body and mind to seek calmness and relaxation. 

Think of your pillow as an ally 

The goal here is to establish true comfort for the body; as an office of chiropractic, we define true comfort as a position in which the spine is properly supported. When your spine is properly supported, rest incorporates restoration. A properly fitting pillow for the head should fill the space between shoulder and mattress, maintain a straight line through the cervical vertebrae of the neck and maintain this position throughout the night. The next step is to take your lumpy, flea bitten pillow that you love and use it to better effect:

  • Side sleepers can place a pillow between the knees to maintain spinal alignment and maintain space between the knees
  • Back sleepers can put a pillow under the legs to gently elevate them, improving circulation and maintaining spinal alignment.
  • Stomach sleepers can put a pillow under the upper body, from pelvis to shoulders, to prevent the back from arching too far inward. 

Start improving your sleep strategy today

Relaxation and a healthy spine go hand in hand. At our office in Sacramento, we are dedicated to helping people improve their spinal health across the board. If you are interested in improving the way you sleep to account for your spine, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.