How to Set Goals for the Coming Year

Even though it’s only October, the new year will be here before you know it. This means that everyone is crafting their new year’s resolutions, and when we make our new year’s resolutions, it’s hugely important to set realistic goals that still push you to new heights.

Below, Espinosa Family Chiropractic goes over a few ways to more intelligently and effectively set and achieve the goals you make in the coming year.

Start Something New

Instead of getting even better at something you’re already good at, set a goal to get better at something that you’re horrible at. It is a character-building experience to start out at something and be horrible at it, then slowly put in the work and effort to get good!

Stop Setting Aesthetic Goals

Instead of setting a goal to shed a specific amount of pounds or take X amount of inches off your waistline, set goals that are more geared toward feeling great. If you’re feeling great, it’s going to be hard not to look good, right?

Set Realistic and Unrealistic Goals

Instead of simply setting goals you know you’re bound to achieve, set a few elusive goals that you won’t likely be able to complete. It’s important to always have room for improvement as each year comes to a close.