running injuries

Is Running Among the World’s Most Dangerous Sports?

running injuries

Why are injuries so prevalent in the running community?

For an innate human activity, nearly 1 in 2 people who run habitually will suffer an injury during the course of a year. There are a few factors at play here: the repetitive nature of running tends to stress the same muscles and joints, while the impact of striking the ground with the feet is quite jarring to the joints as well. Variety is important; if you are doing the same exact run every day, certain parts of the body will strengthen while others will suffer. So the first key to preventing injury is to make your routine more well-rounded. Read on to discover a few more tips on how to avoid injury while running.

Protecting yourself while running

  • Mix up your running surfaces: concrete is brutal for your joints; running on trails is less abrasive and will work different muscles. 
  • Pace yourself properly: optimal cadence is 180 steps per foot per minute. 
  • Adjust your stride: a longer stride means your leg strikes the ground in front of you heel first; this can be detrimental to your posture and cause you more fatigue. Try striking the ground with each foot underneath your hips to distribute forces evenly 

Chiropractic keeps you running upright

Posture is another huge factor that prevents injury while running. Staying upright, even when exhausted, is immensely important in preventing damage to the spine. The decrepit, hunched over looking runner is not getting the same workout as someone who is running upright with their chest open and striking the ground each time under the hips. We can help you address and correct injuries and get you running more efficiently; give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.