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Keeping Your Spine Happy With a Running Habit

chiropractor sacramento

Runners remember: posture is integral to your success and enjoyment of the sport

We love running and admire everyone who uses running as part of their commitment to staying healthy. However, running can take a toll on the spine. We see it as our responsibility to protect the spines of our running community here in Sacramento. The best way to do that is through focusing on good posture. 

  • Stay upright: you know you’re tired when the shoulders are slumped and you can barely breathe. But some people are not aware that they are slumping from the start.
  • Keep your head centered above the spine so that its weight is properly balanced as you run.
  • Keep the face faced forward and the body will follow. Do not look at the ground as it will set a precedent for the neck to follow, angling downwards and soon your shoulders will start to move toward each other, leaving you hunched over.
  • Utilize your hips as your center of gravity. Letting the pelvis tilt forward will only lead to back pain. So keep your core upright.

But posture is not at all- beware of fatigue

Fatigue is what causes us to lose this great posture. Once you feel your shoulders caving inwards and your shoulders slumping, it may be time to take a turn toward home. Make sure you don’t run yourself to a point of exhaustion and laziness and posture. 

These habits may feel like an adjustment at first but given enough repetition they will become second nature. And for the love of the runner: running everyday on concrete is bad for the cartilage in your back. If your back is aching after a run, it may be in need of some tender loving care- we treat sore tissues and misaligned vertebrae to ensure that you are running at your full mechanical advantage.