mood swings

Mood Swings: A Balancing Act

mood swings

Your emotional state is reflective of your lifestyle.

Changes in temperament are reasonable and to be expected when you consider the pressures of adulthood but mood swings are more erratic and disruptive to your well-being. Our lifestyles are a balancing act between genetic predispositions and more tangible lifestyle factors including diet, level of activity and stress. When stress levels are up and activity is down, our body’s attempt at homeostasis often becomes jeopardized.

Mood swings can be regulated by controlling the factors within your power! 

So your workload is higher than usual, you aren’t exercising as much and you’re diet has fallen by the wayside. This is a great recipe for leaving your body and mind in a compromised state that leaves you vulnerable to unpredictable mood swings. Here’s a little insight on how healthy lifestyle decisions impact your emotional state:

  • Diet: Skipping breakfast? Relying on coffee and sugar to get you through a hectic work day? Caffeine is a veritable malfactor when it comes to homeostasis and sugar can leave blood sugar levels low after an initial spike. Diet should be a stabilizing influence, not a wave-creator!

  • Activity: We need to move to keep our circulation fresh, endorphins rushing and our body in a state of constant renewal. Staying sedentary is the quickest way to watch your body and mind deteriorate. 

  • Stress: stress management requires near constant dedication! Optimizing your home and workplace to keep stress at bay set the tone for a clearer mind and a healthier outlook. 

How does chiropractic help with mood swings?

By correcting subluxation and regulating the nervous system, which is the main mode of communication between brain and body. Removing pressure and subsequently interference from the nervous system helps the systems of the body work more fluidly, which is an essential component of homeostasis! For help creating an action plan to naturally account for changes in temperament and mood swings, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today! 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.