Morning muscle stiffness in Sacramento

Muscles Feeling Stiff in the Morning Time?

Morning muscle stiffness in Sacramento


Morning stiffness is a blight on your state of mind

What would life be like if you dreaded the process of getting out of bed? Not because you were feeling lazy, but because it caused you too much pain? What if every day was delayed by the necessity for your joints and muscles to warm up before facing the day? This is a reality for many people living with diseases such as fybromyalgia and arthritis and morning stiffness is one of their most dreaded symptoms

What causes morning stiffness? 

Most likely it is a combination of factors that combine with the aforementioned diseases to keep us stuck in bed. 

  • Diet: a one dimensional diet leaves 
  • Sleep: if you sleep with poor posture, muscles can become stiff and lactic acid can build. 
  • Temperature: a cold work environment, or a drafty room at night translates to cold muscles 
  • Exercise: perhaps the most important, exercise gets blood flowing and oxygen moving to the muscles. It also keeps lactic acid from building up and prevents muscle tension. 

Ways to allay morning muscle stiffness in Sacramento

  • Keep your bedroom warm and sleep well: if you are having trouble sleeping, we need to solve this problem first as it is critical for helping your body recharge and rebuild. 
  • Stretch first thing when you wake up: you don’t even need to leave bed; these easy stretches should loosen your muscles and promote circulation of the blood to bring much needed oxygen. 
  • Take a hot shower and stretch afterwards: keep the loosening process alive by using a hot shower and stretching further
  • From here, it is a matter of managing behavior throughout the day including keeping a close eye on diet, exercise and hydration.

If you are not finding the relief you need from morning muscle stiffness, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.