neck pain

Neck Pain: Conservative Care or Painkilling Injections?

neck pain

The standard medical response to neck pain is to treat it symptomatically

That is why many medical providers will offer painkilling injections to effect significant improvements in pain, allowing people to get on with their lives. This is often prescribed as an intermediate step on the road to surgery, and while we acknowledge its place as effective pain management, we think it fails many people in a key way. Painkillers only treat neck pain symptomatically, rather than detecting and correcting the true cause of the pain. 

How chiropractic differs in treating neck pain. 

We believe the body is a natural born healer, and our methods of treatment support the body’s intrinsic capacity for healing. In this way, we place a premium on determining what has your neck hurting in the first place, and how we can go about helping it heal. Our modalities for neck pain include: 

  • Manual and instrument-assisted spinal adjustment: to restore joint mobility and alleviate nerve compression.
  • Flexion-distraction: an alternate method of gentle adjustment that utilizes a specialized table. 
  • Trigger point therapy: releasing points of tension in the muscles  
  • Therapeutic massage: to relieve tension from muscles and improve circulation

All of these modalities are aimed at helping people overcome pain naturally and setting their spines up to be more resilient in the future. Furthermore, for people considering surgery, pain relief through chiropractic methods is a good indicator of post-surgery success.

If you are at the end of the line with your neck pain, it is worth considering conservative care first, as a method for improving the function of your neck and helping the body heal itself, before you move onto more aggressive methods such as painkilling injections and surgery.