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On the Airplane

airplane food

The simple sight of an airplane or the thought of an airborne voyage can be enough to set some back-pain sufferers jittering with anticipation. The plane is one of the worst places for backs because of the confined spaces and poorly designed chairs. It is unfortunate that people actively avoid travelling to their dream destinations because they simply cannot put themselves through the pain of a flight. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we want to help you overcome this pain and get on the plane. To this end, we offer chiropractic adjustment to ensure that your back is free of subluxation and muscular imbalance that could contribute to debilitating pain. From here, we offer you our expertise on making the plane a more comfortable place to be:

  • Standing up: every 20 minutes while the seat belt sign is off, stand up and walk down the aisle and back. While you’re up, keep your legs straight and reach for your toes. 
  • Stretching: from the chair, perform gentle neck twists, shoulder rolls and leg lifts to break the cycle of accumulating tension. 
  • Hydrating: drink plenty of water on the plane, to keep joints hydrated and reduce the chance of cramping. 
  • Using the complimentary pillow: to create as close to a properly supported resting position as may be possible, place the pillow in the curve of your lower back and sit up straight against it.

These tips will help you keep your blood circulating, helping to improve every function and system in your body. Utilizing proper posture will also help you prevent further degradation to the joints and structures of the back. For more help on creating a more comfortable travelling experience, give our office in Sacramento a call at (916) 457-8825.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.