Christmas dinner diet

Portion Control: Christmas Dinner Edition

Christmas dinner diet

During Christmas dinner, self control often flies out the window

The table is set and your eyes are agog; every single dish looks enticing. And hey, it’s Christmas, why not indulge yourself this one night out of the year? Talk about a dangerous scenario for weight-watchers, albeit a very common one. Holiday recipes make it very difficult to stick to your normal, healthy eating routine. Read on to find our tips for controlling yourself at Christmas dinner.

Overindulgence is the order of the day

No one wants to be the family member locked on the couch with a food baby and indigestion! Following these tips will ensure that you don’t go overboard at Christmas dinner:

  • Avoid saving your appetite for dinner: this is a sure way to overeat. Eating a normal breakfast, lunch and even a snack is the right way to set yourself up for portion control. 
  • Bring a nutritious dish: put your money where your mouth is! 
  • Drink water throughout the day and a cup before dinner: this will help you feel just that tiny bit more full so that you eat a bit less at dinner.
  • Tea or fruit for dessert; or, if you must, just one slice of pie!
  • Avoid feelings of guilt: the world does not end because you failed yourself and your diet miserably. Pick up the pieces and start again. 

After the festivities are over, check in at your Sacramento chiropractor for a healthy start to 2018

If you let your health priorities fly out the window this holiday season, don’t beat yourself up over it! After all, as humans we are made to err. But continuing to indulge in the vein of Christmas is not likely to do your body any favors. If you are looking for a fresh start to 2018, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment for the new year. We are standing by to help realign your spine and set you on a healthy foot forward going into the new year.