Range of Motion

Range of motion and flexibility are age related considerations: when we are young, we take it for granted that if we drop any innocent item, it can be retrieved without the slightest thought. But as we grow, older, lazier with our posture, vulnerable to injury, and repetitive strain finally catches up to us, dropping a pen becomes a quandary.

At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we define essential flexibility as the range of motion you need to perform daily tasks free of pain: this excludes extraneous motion, the kind required for sports and physical activity. What if reaching for the cereal, as part of your morning routine, was a challenge: how could you then face the prospect of tying shoes on your feet to take on the day? It is a perilous cycle: as your range of motion decreases, you naturally attempt to do less, which accelerates the loss of flexibility. We want to reverse this process.

At our practice in Sacramento, we view range of motion as integral to your wellness: if we can get you moving, happiness will follow.

Chiropractic helps improve your range of motion by correcting misalignment, addressing injury and instilling healthy habits.

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Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.