Sit Up Straight! Posture for Headaches

Posture is a significant factor to consider when you experience regular headaches. Poor posture is easily learned and hard for the muscles to forget: it is an unconscious positioning of the body that people neglect until it starts to cause problems in their life. There are myriad factors fighting to hold us back from healthy posture: lifestyles and modern jobs which involve or require long hours concentrating in front of a screen, commuting for hours with inadequate seating, and of course there is always gravity. But posture is in your control, and if you are suffering from persistent headaches, it is always worth considering as a cause that can be corrected.

Posture is, at the very least, a good place to start. Consider the slouch: you have been typing at the computer for hours, ignoring your body’s plea for a break and a stretch; sorry spine, I am concentrating too hard. It just feels right for the head to lean forward, following the chin, bringing you ever closer to the screen. But now consider that the weight of the head (comparable to a bowling ball) is now creating strain to the shoulder and neck muscles. The longer you sit this way, the greater the strain becomes until neck spasms start to refer pain into your head, creating the mystery headache. If you have a moment of consciousness and catch yourself in the act, do something about it!

If you have the time, take a break: walk around and allow your muscles to loosen up. When you resume sitting, keep these principles in mind: Feet flat and firm on the ground, ears over shoulders, which are relaxed, and shoulders over hips, with the stomach slightly tucked. This keeps your head balanced without causing strain to the neck and shoulder muscles.

Making little changes is the best way to increase overall well being. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible chance at living pain free. We treat the daily wear and tear on your spine and offer recommendations for simple lifestyle changes that can open your eyes to a whole world of health. Call our office in Sacramento today at (916) 457-8825 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.