sofa posture

Sitting on the Sofa with Style

sofa posture

Good posture is never out of style

But sofas are hardly conducive to good posture- they are often the exact opposite. You may think that the big, fluffy sofa that you sink right into is your best friend, but we are willing to bet your spine would strongly disagree. However, relaxing is extremely important! And the sofa is a gateway to relaxation for many people, so we support sitting on the sofa as long as it is done responsibly! By staying aware of your posture and your spine’s relation to the couch, you can make minor adjustments to effect huge improvements in the way your spine feels after your next Netflix binge.

Relaxing in style: how to maintain your posture on the sofa 

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind next time you feel a twinge in your back while you are enjoying sofa time:

  • Feet firmly on the floor
  • Sitting up straight with knees and hips at the same level
  • Supporting the lumbar curve with the nearest pillow available
  • A head balanced atop the spine sets the tone that the rest of your body will follow- you don’t want your neck craning forward. 
  • Shoulders back and relaxed.
  • If your sofa is too squishy, you can always sit on the floor with cushions and use the sofa as a back rest. 
  • Try resting in a yoga position while watching television- there are many great blogs devoted to this newly emerging artform. 

And don’t forget to take regular breaks! Simply walking to the kitchen for a glass of water, or performing simple stretches, helps to break your spine out of the cycle of stagnation that accumulates while you sit for long periods of time.