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Sleeping Well in Sacramento

sleep sacramento

Let’s talk about sleep debt

Sleep is a cornerstone of wellness- as you rest, your body is busy pulling a night shift. Recharging your energy is only the tip of the iceberg; as you sleep, cells repair and rebuild, and your immune system and cardiovascular system prepare for another day of action. 


Chiropractic focuses on the spine as a central influence in sleep

Chiropractic helps maintain proper alignment of the spine, mitigating pain and nerve dysfunction in the process. Many people report feeling improvements in circulation which helps to oxygenate the brain and keep you relaxed. Essentially, we are trying to turn this from a negative feedback cycle to the opposite: by reducing physical pain, we reduce mental stress, which in turn alleviates physical stress. 

Chiropractic can help you discover a better night’s sleep

Whatever your affliction, if you aren’t getting the sleep you need you are putting yourself at risk for serious health concerns. Let’s treat this problem at the root: by focusing on the spine we can make positive changes in both quality and quantity of sleep. If you are interested in finding out more about how chiropractic can help you sleep better, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.