Holiday fitness sacramento

Staying on Track this Holiday Season: Adjusting Fitness Expectations

Holiday fitness sacramento

It’s inevitable that we work out less during the holiday season.

Our schedule is simply too full with social engagements, marathon cooking and baking sessions, and last-minute gift shopping to even think about exercise. With such a happy maelstrom, it can be easy to drop your exercise routine completely; unfortunately, few of us can afford to put our fitness on hold for a month as we stuff ourselves full of the excesses of Christmas dinners and New Years Eve parties. Here are some ideas for indulging in holiday cheer without sacrificing your 2017 health gains. 

Adjust your expectations to maintain fitness during the holiday season

Don’t be alarmed if you come out at the end with an extra pound; instead, change your definition of success. Begin by realizing that this is a time of indulgence. 

  • Don’t focus on weight loss: this is probably the wrong time. Instead focus on maintaining the health threshold that you have built over the years.
  • Don’t hold yourself to impossible standards: if all your time is taken up elsewhere, try to fit in exercise wherever you can. 20 minutes of vigorous cardio 3 times a week is a more reasonable target. 
  • Sneak in core conditioning: practice sucking your belly button in toward your spine and holding it for as long as is comfortable. This kind of cheat-exercising can be done anywhere at anytime! 
  • Drink plenty of water: it will help regulate your appetite by making you feel more full; not to mention hydration is good for spinal health!
  • Focus on bodyweight exercise: chances are you aren’t going to make it to the gym as frequently, if at all. Instead, perform bodyweight exercises from home or on the road to achieve the same effect. 

After the storm, check in at your Sacramento chiropractor! 

We help you take stock of your body in the aftermath of a hectic holiday schedule. If overindulging and laying around on the couch has taken its toll on your spine, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment. We can help correct spinal misalignment and get you back on track to achieve all your fitness goals this New Year. Happy Holidays Sacramento!