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Stop Ignoring Your Stretches: They Will Save Your Spine

chiropractor sacramento

Stretching is so easy: why do we avoid it?

Many of our patients tell us how surprised they are at the ability of stretching to help them feel better. Whether you are mired in the grips of chronic back pain, or you haven’t had a single complaint from your spine in all your life, you can still benefit from regular stretching. The fact is, most adults in America aren’t moving enough. And if you are moving a lot, you need to condition your muscles to accept this movement. Stretching answers both of these calls: it can be adapted to work out muscles which are weak and stiff from lack of movement, or to ease muscles that have been strained from overuse. 

Getting in the habit of daily stretching

It does require a degree of discipline; but once you get a taste for how good stretching feels, your routine will perpetuate itself. Start by focusing on what you really need: is your lower back constantly stiff and sore from working in a chair all day? When you get home, have a glass of water then lay down and simply extend your spine by pointing your toes and reaching over your head. From here, you can focus on gently stretching the hamstrings which, when tight, create a pull on the lower back. Gentle spinal twists further release the lower back from tightness and help you feel better at the end of the day. 

As much as we like to see our patients, the maxim of a little daily stretching keeps the chiropractor away most likely holds true. Take care of your spine with stretching and you will prevent a lot of small problems from becoming life-changing injuries. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment and start the conversation on taking care of your spine today.