Stretching to Stay Pain Free


Pain limits movement: this we know to be true. Pain is often enough to discourage people from exercising completely, to the detriment of their rehabilitation. Excluding more severe injuries, successful rehabilitation often depends on keeping your body moving. 
Benefits of more flexibility include:

  • Prevention of injury 
  • Better balance and coordination 
  • Easier aerobic exercise
  • Improved athletic performance 
  • Easier everyday movements 
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Less likelihood or re-injury
  • Less pain 

We do not propose that the average person needs the flexibility of a contortionist; however, everyone can use a little more flexibility in their life. Healthier joints and longer, stronger muscles become all the more important as we age. So, how does chiropractic help? We realign joints to reduce pain and immediately restore range of motion. This makes stretching for flexibility less painful and more effective: stretching will elongate your muscle fiber, from the middle of the muscle to the point where muscle meets tendon. 


Don’t let pain stop you from moving! It is a dangerous cycle whereby one encourages the other: pain encourages less movement, while less movement leaves you vulnerable to injury. For help reducing pain and adding more flexibility into your life, give our office in Sacramento a call. Helping you live a prosperous, pain free life is our prerogative. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.