summer fun

Summer Time

summer fun

Summer is a time to feel fine: plentiful sunshine, longer daylight hours and rich, colorful surroundings make us feel immediately happier. At Espinosa Family Chiropractic, we love summer because it gets people outdoors, exploring the things that truly make them happy after a winter that can sometimes become monotonous. Here are a few ways you can take your well-being to the next level during summer.

  • Get plenty of vitamin D; it is free, after all. One of the most crucial components for immune system functioning and bone health is also the one which many Americans lack the most. Apply some sunscreen, grab a bottle of water and relax in the sun
  • Stay hydrated: Pay attention to water and sodium levels in your body: we sweat more during the summer which means you probably need to drink more water than normal.
  • Eat well: Local produce is abundant and often cheap. With farmer’s markets operating quite frequently, there is no reason to ignore all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which await you with some finely colored produce.
  • Exercise, differently. Hiking in the mountains, swimming in the lakes, all of these become available during the summer season.

Relax: use the summer to focus on removing stress from your life. It is a great chance to reset, and we want to help you in this endeavor. Give our office in Sacramento a call at (916) 457-8825.

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.