Making Childbirth Easier with the Webster Technique

Pregnancy in Sacramento

Pregnancy in Sacramento

When it comes time for childbirth, the breech position can pose a serious problem

Though there are multiple sub-types of breech positioning, the term essentially refers to a baby that presents before childbirth with a feetfirst or bottomfirst position, rather than head first. Occurring in 3-4% of pregnancies, breech is known to cause many complications during childbirth and often involves surgical intervention to protect both mother and child. Fortunately there is a technique that is very effective for moving the child into a fetal position more conducive to childbirth: the Webster technique. 

What can I do if my baby is in breech?

Fetal positioning can be influenced by chiropractic. The Webster Technique utilizes specific adjustments to align the spine through the pelvic region, reduce intrauterine restraint and help encourage the baby to move into a healthy position for birth. By alleviating nerve compression, we facilitate smooth nervous system functioning throughout the spine and body, and contribute to the proper alignment of the pelvic muscles and ligaments. 

Making an easier birth in Sacramento

Breech positioning adds on to the stress of one of the most intense processes in the human experience. We want to help reduce this stress with the Webster Techique, allowing you to approach childbirth with confidence and a baby presenting the way it is supposed to: head first! If you are interested in our services for pregnant women in Sacramento, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.