Movement of the Spine Powers the Brain

spine and brain sacramento

spine and brain sacramento

Keeping the spine healthy is a key to overall brain functioning

Your spine is even more important than you thought: keeping the spine in alignment and keeping it moving is linked to positive maintenance of mental health- indeed, the health of your spine has a significant say in determining your mental health including emotional stability and motor control. Keeping the pathways of communication between the brain and spinal nerves open and free of interference is an essential part of wellness. 

What is the enemy of movement? Subluxation

The brain requires constant input from the nervous system to keep functioning. Movement, reaction and sensory stimulation is responsible for the majority of signalling that occurs between brain and body. Subluxation of the spinal joints has a domino effect of negative health outcomes regarding the spine and the brain. With subluxation, movement of the spine is restricted. 

Chiropractic adjustments mean better health and improved brain function

By aligning the spine, chiropractic effects a whole range of health benefits in the brain. A properly aligned spine maintains and protects the pathways that facilitate the neurological stimulation between spinal joints and the brain. This is important not only know but as we move forward in age. Your brain and spine share a symbiotic relationship- as an office of chiropractic we focus on maintaining the proper alignment of your spine so that your brain can operate to its maximum potential.

If you are interested in finding out more about how movement of the spine influences neurological functioning, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.