The Many Problems Caused by Scar Tissue

Scar tissue

Scar tissue

Scar tissue underpins many injuries

The dense tissue that forms after injury is an essential process but it can also be problematic. And it doesn’t even require an injury to form. Scar tissue forms either:

  • in response to injury, as it acts to bind the damaged tissues of a joint, tendon or ligament back together.
  • in response to lack of oxygen; when your muscles don’t get the oxygen they need, free radicals begin to accumulate in a given region, which attracts the cells responsible for scar tissue.

Scar tissue is inferior to your original, healthy tissue; it is less pliable and weaker. When unadressed, this scar tissue can form adhesions which affect the muscles and can even trap nerves, causing pain and dysfunction. In the wake of any injury, it is important to pay attention to scar tissue build up and take preventative steps to stop it from causing further damage.

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