back pain construction

Thoughts on Back Pain and Construction Work

back pain construction

Construction work is among the professions with the highest incidence of back-pain 

It is not hard to see why. Causes for back pain in the construction industry are mainly related to heavy lifting but also include:

  • Vibration and shock absorption involved in the use of heavy equipment
  • Twisting and lifting
  • Improper body mechanics while performing a variety of lifting movements

Most of these activities result in strains of the supportive soft tissue in the back which causes inflammation, muscle spasm and severe pain. Construction workers should always take steps to prevent back pain and consult with a back-care specialist when pain strikes. 

How can construction workers prevent back pain? 

  • It begins before the job starts. And while not everyone can be bothered, one of the most effective ways to prevent back pain during construction work is to stretch beforehand. By stretching, you ease your body into the forceful movement that is required rather than sending it in cold. Stretching also has the benefit of improving circulation.
  • The next step toward preventing injury is using proper body mechanics. Any construction worker is aware of proper lifting technique, so it is important to always observe this form; furthermore, try not to lift more that 51 pounds at a time. If possible, get an extra pair of hands on the job. 
  • Utilize a back support belt to add stability, prevent injury and reduce back pain.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain while on the job, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. Construction workers are among the people who can benefit most from regular chiropractic care.