Tips for an Enhanced Immune System

When it comes to your immune system, there are many factors that can either bolster your defense against infection and viruses, or make you more susceptible to getting sick.

Below, Espinosa Family Chiropractic goes over a few ways you can boost your immune system at home.

First, get plenty of Vitamin C, whether it’s from supplements or from the foods you’re eating. Red bell peppers have even a larger amount of Vitamin C than an orange — and none of the sugar. Vitamin C protects your cells from harmful free radicals and has replenishing effects on your body.

Limiting smoking and alcohol intake will also greatly improve your immune system. Partaking in either or both will significantly increase your chances of getting sick.

Exercising is also of great importance. When your body is in good shape you’re in a far better position to ward off infection than you are when you’re out of shape.

Limiting food consumption to 8 hours out of the day will also help your body fight off inflammation due to the fact that you’re no longer bogging down your immune system. Limiting sugar and processed carbohydrate consumption will also limit inflammation.

If you have any questions about how our treatments give our patients an immense immune system boost, contact Espinosa Family Chiropractic today to learn more.