driving tips

Tips for the Regular Driver

driving tips

There is a high correlation between people who commute regularly or drive for a living and those who have spinal disorders. This is because the driver’s seat is not the best place for backs: very rarely are car seats engineered with a proper resting position in mind, and if they are, it may not be properly adjusted to the individual. So we must take a proactive approach to protecting our musculoskeletal integrity when driving regularly. Here are some ways you can make your daily commute more conducive to a healthy back:

  • Lumbar support: whether it is built-in or whether you must add it in, using something that promotes the natural curvature of your spine will save you from the problem of slumping or slouching. 
  • This being said, you must still take frequent breaks, depending on the length of the journey. Even sitting with perfect posture without moving for hours leaves you stiff and sore. Make sure you are hydrating regularly, and take breaks to breathe in the scenery. 
  • Head positioning is very important. While you should always have your eyes on the road, make sure you are not craning your neck forward, amplifying the weight of your head to the spine and muscles in the neck and shoulders. Try to keep it centered above the spine with the chin slightly tucked. 

Don’t let driving put a drag on your spinal health. If your back feels sore or out of sorts no matter what kind of good things you are doing for it, there may be an underlying spinal condition that needs evaluation. At our office in Sacramento, we provide you with adjustments to keep your spine in alignment and slowing the advance of degenerative decay. Find out how our form of corrective chiropractic can optimize your well being by calling our office today. 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.