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Weightlifting and Back Pain: A Precarious Relationship

chiropractor sacramento

Weightlifting is a double-edged sword for back pain sufferers

On the one hand, it helps maintain muscle strength and tone, lending your back a crucial support. Strength is fundamental to function- it makes us more able and less prone to injury; your muscles are the frontline of defense for your spine against daily compression. On the other hand, weightlifting can significantly increase the risk of muscle strain, ligament injury, disc injury due to compression and other spinal health conditions. If you currently suffer from back pain, but you still want to maintain a weightlifting regime, it is highly advisable that you speak with a spinal health care specialist such as a chiropractor. We can provide you with a diagnostic picture of the state of your spine, helping your determine exactly what muscle-building activities will benefit you and which to avoid. 

Tips for weightlifting with back pain

  • Consider using a weightlifting belt, not so much to lend support for your spine as to enforce the tenets of proper posture and form while lifting. 
  • Use less weight, but more repetitions to increase endurance and reduce compression.
  • Use machines instead of free weights
  • Consider body-weight exercises

Being smart about your weightlifting means knowing what to avoid, how to lift correctly and how to properly observe a period of rest and recuperation. While general guidelines state that common exercises like squats and dead-lifts are bad for back pain sufferers, the only way to truly know is by checking in at your Sacramento chiropractor. If you are interested in coming up with a customized plan for weightlifting despite your back pain, give our office in Sacramento a call to schedule an appointment today.