End of Summer Health and Wellness Assessment

It’s likely that for most of us our yearly health and wellness goals have been somewhat sidelined due to the many closures and restrictions that we’re all living with right now across the United States.

However, even though COVID-19 is still running it’s way through the world, life doesn’t stop. It’s important to take stock of our own health and wellness during this time. The end of the summer is an excellent benchmark to see where you’re at!

How Do You Look?

First, take a quick look in the mirror. How do you appear to yourself? Are you a little overweight or are you happy with your body? Are you looking tired and fatigued or are you looking like you’re ready to successfully run a marathon? Be honest with yourself in order to properly recalibrate your goals in order to ensure you’re at the spot where you want to be when this rocky year is said and done.

How Do You Feel?

Again, are your energy levels feeling high or low? Chances are, if you’ve been eating healthy this summer, you should be feeling energized and ready for whatever this crazy life is going to throw at you next. If you’ve been eating junk food, you might be feeling more on the lethargic or bogged-down side. Let’s fix that!

If it’s hot outside, that’s the perfect chance to prepare a fresh green salad with clean, whole ingredients, not to mention a glass of crystal-clear water to wash everything down with. Changing your diet, exercising, and exploring chiropractic treatment will all help make you feel energized and revitalized.

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Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a great way to end the summer. We’ll help recalibrate your body and mind, not to mention provide drug-free pain relief. Our treatment help our patients avoid prescription drugs during an opioid epidemic. Contact Espinosa Family Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

What Makes a Food a “Superfood”?

You’ve likely heard of the term “Superfood,” as our society starts to become a little more health-conscious and a little more aware of what the food we take in each day does to our body. But maybe it still might be a mystery to you what makes a food “Super,” which is exactly why Espinosa Family Chiropractic is providing you with this article!

A superfood is generally termed as a food that is rich in certain compounds, like antioxidants, fatty acids, etc. that are known to be exceptionally good for a person’s health.

However, in today’s marketing-ridden culture, many foods are being dubbed “Super” merely to increase sales numbers, without actually delivering much in the nutrition realm.

What we do know is that when people think of food as medicine, it will be less likely that they experience health conditions that will put them on permanent medication.

Blueberries, kale, walnuts, turmeric, garlic, spirulina, and many other foods have been labeled “Superfoods” while also delivering some serious nutrition to your body in the process.

Many of these superfoods can help reduce your risk of getting heart disease or cancer. But, when it comes down to it, your body is your body. Try some superfoods on for size and see if you get any noticeable results.

Wanna know what goes hand-in-hand with a good diet with ample amounts of superfoods? Chiropractic treatment, that’s what! Our treatments help heal entire families.

Chiro for Carpal Tunnel

CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome) is a condition brought on by pressure that is put on the median nerve in a consistent or aggravating fashion. The most common activities that cause CTS are activities like typing at your keyboard, hammering/construction, automotive work/wrench work, as well as many actions inherent in many sports and leisure activities.

Pressure on your median nerve can often be caused by repetitive motion in a certain area — which explains why typing, chopping, hammering, etc. can often contribute to CTS.

Essentially, performing tasks over and over again is going to create a ton of wear and tear on the body. However, there are things we can do to alleviate the pain and wear and tear, chiropractic treatment being one of them.

Chiropractic and Carpal Tunnel

A majority of those who take advantage of chiropractic treatment show a significant improvement in things like range of motion, hand and finger sensation, not to mention overall pain reduction. These are problems that people who have carpal tunnel have to live with every day. One simple chiropractic treatment can do a lot to improve any lingering pain and discomfort.

Drug-Free Pain Solution

Those of us who would like to avoid prescription medication might seek chiropractic treatment to alleviate carpal tunnel problems. It’s a great alternative to surgery and drugs, especially in our current opioid crisis. Chiropractic treatment does its part on a daily basis to keep people away from opiates.

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Is Chiro Good for Baseball Players?

Chiropractic treatment is something more than just a drug-free alternative pain relief option for those who are more advanced in age and those who experience a back or joint-related injury.

One simple chiropractic treatment can help improve immunity, helpt the GI system function properly, even help athletes get a better night of sleep, which really helps when it comes to active recovery. When you’re asleep your body does a lot of its important repair work.

Chiropractic adjustments also help improve flexibility, improve range of motion, and also give your brain a serious boost. Your improved brain functionality will help you keep your eye on the ball and stay focused on your new and improved training and recovery protocol.

Baseball players put a lot of pressure on their joints, not to mention their spine — swinging that bat and picking up those ground balls will eventually put a strain on any athlete.

Contact Espinosa Family Chiropractic today to learn about how our treatments and services benefit world-class athletes, baseball players especially.

Do I Need Chiro After an Automobile Accident?

After a car accident, no matter if it’s just a fender bender or if it’s something far more significant, you might be wondering if it’s an appropriate move to explore chiropractic treatment.

The truth is, you can explore chiropractic treatment any time you’re looking for a drug-free pain solution, not to mention if you’re looking to unlock new health benefits that were previously unavailable to you.

After a car accident, we might be feeling sore right after the fact, or our injuries can become more apparent over time. That’s why it’s important to see a health professional regardless of how you feel right after the accident, just to make sure that you didn’t experience any injuries that you might not be aware of.

A car accident can be a very stressful and anxiety-ridden thing, which means our adrenaline will likely be firing on all cylinders. This means that our bodies might be covering up some of the pain for us.

So, the short answer to the question of this blog is a resounding “Yes.”

If you’ve just been in an automobile accident and are seeking expert chiropractic treatment, contact Espinosa Family Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation. We’ll custom-tailor our treatment solutions to meet your specific needs in order to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Chiropractic for BJJ

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure being put on the body as we fold ourselves into the awkward holds and positions that such a martial art as BJJ entails.

As we go through the motions and advance in ranking, headed toward a blue, purple, brown, and black belt, we might need to have an active recovery plan that will help give our body the room and space it needs in order to heal itself. Chiropractic treatment is a fantastic companion for BJJ which will help participants minimize the wear and tear they experience over the course of their training.

First, chiropractic treatment will help increase your flexibility and range of motion, which will surely make you a more effective martial artist. 

Second, chiropractic adjustments will help give your body the restful sleep it needs in order to repair itself. One simple chiropractic adjustment will help correct any spine misalignments you experience over the course of your training as well.

If you have any questions about how our treatments can help you become a more effective martial artist, contact Espinosa Family Chiropractic today in order to learn more.