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Avoiding Pain in the Garden

By Espinosa | June 30, 2016

Gardening season is in full swing: with temperatures and spirits high, more people leave their winter skin on the couch so they can get growing. Gardening and chiropractic are complimentary: gardening is exactly the type of activity that gets people off the couch, to the benefit of their mind, body and soul. However, some of…

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driving tips

Tips for the Regular Driver

By Espinosa | June 27, 2016

There is a high correlation between people who commute regularly or drive for a living and those who have spinal disorders. This is because the driver’s seat is not the best place for backs: very rarely are car seats engineered with a proper resting position in mind, and if they are, it may not be…

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Sinus Headaches

By Espinosa | June 24, 2016

Sinuses play a larger role in our lives than they are often given credit for. Like many functioning parts of the body, we don’t pay them attention until they give us grief. Sinuses are located throughout the head: in the cheeks, the nose and the forehead. They are air-filled sacs or cavities that drain mucous…

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stretching and strengthening

Strengthening and Stretching

By Espinosa | June 22, 2016

Strengthening and stretching: the immortal S’s that will help you overcome back pain once and for all. Whether you are suffering acute back pain from a traumatic injury, or more generalized pain that has accrued from repetitive stress, the back can benefit from these exercises done on a daily basis. DO NOT undertake any stretch,…

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Using your Core for Stability

By Espinosa | June 17, 2016

How much benefit are you actually reaping from your daily crunches? The lumbar region of the back is the main support for your entire body: it makes sense that keeping the surrounding musculature strong and healthy will boost the spine’s longevity. The core is a complex series of muscle groups that plays a role in…

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Driving Posture

By Espinosa | June 13, 2016

Don’t take for granted the number of minutes you spend commuting on a weekly basis. The minutes add up quick and very few cars are equipped to support or even encourage a neutral sitting position for the spine. Many people can recall the feeling of being stiff and sore from a road trip. This feeling…

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posture headache

Posture on the Job

By Espinosa | June 9, 2016

The term desk-bound describes how a significant portion of people spend their 8 hour working days in the 21st century. Many people come into our office complaining of daily headaches and it has become clear that these two situations are not mutually exclusive: a day at the office can cause a headache in more ways…

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Thoracic Range of Motion

By Espinosa | June 7, 2016

When you think of how you use your back throughout the day, do the thoracic vertebrae even factor into your thoughts? Put it this way, do you ever catch yourself with your shoulders slumped forward or your upper back rounded? This is a good indicator that you may have poor thoracic mobility. The spine is…

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Let’s Get Cervical (Range of Motion)

By Espinosa | June 5, 2016

What if there was no pivot point in the neck: if it was just an immobile trunk that attached the head to the rest of the body? Every time you wanted to look up or down or to the side, it would require the coordinated effort of your entire upper body. Fortunately for most, this…

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Prevention is the Best Medicine

By Espinosa | June 3, 2016

Preventing back pain: one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your life. Spines do not lend themselves to exact science: they are such complex structures, that absorb so much during their lifetime that every case is unique. If you develop through to adulthood without back pain, do not take it for granted:…

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