repetitive stress injuries

Millions of Keystrokes: a Picture of Repetitive Stress Injuries

repetitive stress injuries

When you work at the computer, your hands are on the front line

For some it may take weeks, for others years, to show but the repetitive stress of typing all the time does take its toll on the fingers, wrists and forearms. And this map of pain can be traced further to the shoulders, neck and spine- science is clear regarding the harm of sit-heavy lifestyles. Most employers invest little in education regarding ergonomics and posture, so it is up to us, the responsible workers, beholden to our own health, to take action!

Easy stretches on-the-job: 

  • The paci-fists: starting with your hands wide open, gently squeeze them into fists and open them again. Repeat 10 times. 
  • Clasp hands together in front of you and extend arms with palms facing outward. Hold 10 seconds then bring hands over head and repeat. 
  • The prayer: hands together, palms and fingers flat against each other. Push hands in toward each other to provide a stretch to the wrist. 

Do these as often as the thought strikes you and it will go a long way toward preventing wrist and hand pain from occurring in the first place. Repetitive stress is ubiquitous in the workplace: listen closely when your body twinges with tightness or pain and respond in the moment! This will stop the problem from compounding and causing more trouble down the road. If you need help addressing repetitive stress that won’t seem to go away, give our office in Sacramento a call. We specialize in finding and treating the cause, not the symptom! 

Dr. Raymond Espinosa, D.C.