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Sleep and Quality of Life

By Espinosa | August 25, 2016

Sleep is integral to well-being. You can’t reasonably expect to feel your best or perform to your highest standard after a single night of sleeplessness, let alone chronic sleep deprivation that is the result of many more serious conditions. Sleep is linked to quality of life on so many levels because too little sleep can contribute…

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Text Neck: A Modern Reality

By Espinosa | August 24, 2016

Today, a topic ripped straight from the pages of the 21st century: the growing prevalence of neck injuries related to text messages. Rewind about 40 years ago and there is no way you could convince me the average human was concerned about a pocket computer creating problems for the average neck. Now, it is our…

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Where has all my Cartilage Gone?

By Espinosa | August 21, 2016

Cartilage is precious: the thin layer of tissue which cushions the ends of bones in a joint, is responsible for preventing your bones from grinding on each other. This cartilage can be compromised by a host of factors including injury, the wear and tear of age, and the more insidious auto-immune disorders which cause the…

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Food for Convenience and Nutrition?

By adminjosh | August 18, 2016

When it comes to diet in America, I think it is prudent to focus on how delicious, nutritious foods can be just as convenient and immediately gratifying as fast food. Foods like flax seeds and chia seeds are the new salmon and blueberries. They are foods that provide a full serving in 2 tablespoons but…

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Becoming a Work Place Hero

By Espinosa | August 18, 2016

Honestly reflect for a second: How proactive are you in terms of spinal health at work? Do you give yourself the ergonomic support you need every hour of the day; do you take regular breaks to hydrate; do you stretch at least once an hour? An honest answer for many people is probably no: the…

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Caloric Balance

By Espinosa | August 13, 2016

Counting calories is an unpleasant reality of aging. For people who spend most working days in the office, the struggle to maintain equilibrium can often tip in the favor of more calories consumed than burned. As we age and metabolism starts to slow, we start to see and feel the excess. So often the odds…

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Swim Away the Pain

By Espinosa | August 9, 2016

Getting wet could be your ticket to a healthier spine. We always tell people, when trying to improve the state of your spine, or to rehabilitate an injury, movement is key. Movement reduces pain, but pain reduces movement. The key is to get out of this cycle and we can help: our chiropractic adjustment will…

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On the Airplane

By Espinosa | August 4, 2016

The simple sight of an airplane or the thought of an airborne voyage can be enough to set some back-pain sufferers jittering with anticipation. The plane is one of the worst places for backs because of the confined spaces and poorly designed chairs. It is unfortunate that people actively avoid travelling to their dream destinations…

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Healthy Vacationing

By Espinosa | August 3, 2016

Vacation raises the spirits. boosts energy levels, and strengthens the mind’s resolve. It offers a crucial respite to the many days of work that pile on both mental and physical stress. So, are you headed to the mountains for a camping getaway? to a tropical beach to do nothing but read books and swim? or…

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Stretching to Stay Pain Free

By Espinosa | July 26, 2016

Pain limits movement: this we know to be true. Pain is often enough to discourage people from exercising completely, to the detriment of their rehabilitation. Excluding more severe injuries, successful rehabilitation often depends on keeping your body moving. Benefits of more flexibility include: Prevention of injury  Better balance and coordination  Easier aerobic exercise Improved athletic performance …

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