Healing a Herniated Disc

The plain truth is that most herniated discs WILL heal themselves, given enough time and attention to rehabilitation. Depending on the location of the compromised disc and the way it is herniated, healing times vary from as low as 4-6 weeks to longer than a year and certain people and injuries are more predisposed to re-aggravation. The point is that each person’s injury is a reflection of their circumstances: lifestyle choices, degrees of strength and flexibility, genetic predisposition, and other factors contribute to a breaking point that leaves you in pain. Outdated wisdom would have you resting for weeks on end until the injury is healed, at which point you can supposedly magically get up and go. Today things are different: while an initial period of rest may be advisable, completely avoiding activity may be counterproductive to your healing.

Stress Management

Stress Management sign

Stress Management sign

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes and doses and it has a precarious relationship with the workplace. While working to make money to live is necessarily one of the largest stressors in human existence, there are ways to manage your stress to avoid becoming entirely spun out. Everyone knows that guy or gal who prides themselves on performing under pressure, but this begs the question: are they actually working smarter or just harder?

We believe in the former over the latter as a formula for success, and we want to help you be proactive in the management of your stress. In our office we can help correct physical ailments that may be causing you pain and, consequently, stress, as well as help regulate your nervous system to optimize your functionality as both a worker and a healthy human. 

Other ways we can help are by helping you find techniques to keep you cool under pressure throughout the day. Here are some simple ways we have found to prove effective: 

  • Chewing gum: studies show that it actually decreases anxiety. 
  • Cooling down: anger and anxiety have a tendency to raise blood temperature which then makes you feel overheated and angry. Placing a cool towel on your wrists is a great technique for managing this. 
  • Squeezing a stress ball: a simple, tried and true method for squeezing out the stress. 
  • Getting outside: if its sunny, a boost of vitamin D is always helpful and a vigorous walk can do wonders for productivity and alleviating stress.
  • Green tea & coffee: Despite what coffee culture would have you believe, caffeine can actually cause more anxiety and interfere with productivity more than it helps. Green tea, on the other hand, contains health-boosting anti-oxidants and a chemical called L-Theanine which promotes calm. 
  • Getting extra rest helps cognitive function and reduces stress levels even in notoriously stressful situations. 
  • Drinking water also helps relieve stress by increasing mental activity which in turn helps solve problems faster. 

If all else fails, take a deep breath. We are here to help you; give our office a call and we can start working on stress management together today. 

I noticed a change within five (5) visits!

I had experienced a severe back spasm that caused me pain and a limited range of motion. I could barely walk or move around without pain, discomfort, or tightening in my back. I couldn’t do anything and I immediately thought I needed to call Dr. Ray and possibly start chiropractic care. I noticed a change within five (5) visits! I was in less pain and I was able to move around better. Now I am more aware of my neck, and back and how my back feels throughout the day. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone experiencing head, neck, or back issues that cause pain or discomfort. I do believe through the chiropractic process that anyone can learn about their body and how to alleviate the frustration of aches and pains. I plan to assess my body for continued maintenance so as not to experience the severe pain that came by ignoring the small signs.– Jennifer T.

Now I can exercise regularly

I began care in January 2012. I was referred to Dr. Espinosa by a personal friend and chiropractor, Dr. Wong. I sought chiropractic care because it was my last hope. I was restricted more and more every day in my movement and I relied on taking drugs to kill the pain, which never really worked. I noticed a change within two weeks. I had less pain and more movement. I feel much better because I am now able to do all the things I have to do, pain-free. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone like me – and don’t wait as long as I did! The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to get back to 100%. Now I can exercise regularly and go back for tune-ups when needed. I believe you are doing an excellent job Dr. Espinosa! – Marvin W

His staff is tremendous too!

Dr. Espinosa is a D.C. that relates to my personal, sports, anatomical, medical, holistic and even spiritual needs. I sought chiropractic care because I reached a point at which I could not stand or walk for five minutes at a time. During a Hawaiian vacation, I spent half an hour lying supine on the beach…because I could not get up! Dr. Espinosa helped me recover, through adjustments, reminding me to stretch, and exercise my core and hamstrings daily. After the first adjustment, I noticed improvement, along with pain reduction and increased mobility. Recently, I enjoyed an amazing 2-week Alaskan vacation –pain-free. I was able to hike and explore without spinal subluxation. I no longer suffer needlessly from chronic pain and back freeze-ups. After completing my entire prescribed treatment plan, I moved into an incredible wellness program. I have recommended Chiropractic and Dr. Espinosa to all of my friends and family because of Dr. Espinosa’s technical expertise, not to mention his ability to relate personally with people. His staff is tremendous too! Thank you, Dr. E and Staff!!! – Dan D

Big smiles and giggles

When my infant daughter was born we discovered she had some nerve issues. She developed torticollis (head stuck in rotation). Molly could not straighten her neck having to tilt her head to the right. We visited our pediatrician who told us to monitor her. I spoke to Dr. Ray about Molly’s condition and decided to have him start treating her. Molly began straightening her head and started enjoying adjustments, going from painful cries to big smiles and giggles. Now Molly is able to keep her head and neck straight and flexible. There is no other person I would trust more with me or my family’s health than Dr. Espinosa. – Kyle G.

I have enjoyed two years of pain-free living

My back hurt constantly and I would have shooting pains and numbness in both my legs. This was affecting my way of life because I was limited in many areas: I couldn’t work out at a fitness center or play golf regularly. Before I began care at Espinosa Family Chiropractic I used to go get occasional adjustments but it wasn’t until I began care with Dr. Espinosa and followed my plan that I noticed a change within 3 weeks. I noticed that I had less pain, and a greater range of motion and some of the numbness was gone. After two years of treatment, I now golf regularly and work out a lot. I occasionally have back pain and the numbness comes back when I stand in one place. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone who wants to live a full life – I recommend this because I have enjoyed two years of pain-free living. Now that I am feeling better I love to hike, golf, and work out. I look forward to many years of healthy fun activities. – Brian B.

Breathe Better

Breathe Better

Breathe Better

A sub-conscious activity that we sometimes perform in excess of 20,000 times a day? A lot of people would probably jump to blinking, which is correct also, but how about breathing? And while the muscles that control the reflexes of blinking stay in good working order throughout life, this is not necessarily the case for the diaphragm and its accessory muscles. The nerves that power the diaphragm can be interfered with, core muscles can be weakened with misuse and poor posture can subdue our respiratory process, meaning that we are not getting the oxygen our cells need to refresh and respire regularly. This is a problem!

The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that separates the chest and lungs from the abdomen and is the engine of the respiratory system. Powered by the phrenic nerve, which exits between the C3 and C5 vertebrae, the diaphragm helps to circulate oxygen into the bloodstream, facilitate the exit of CO2 and contribute to the balance of the body and the health of the cells.

70-80% of each breath should be drawn using the diaphragm, yet people are less aware than ever of how to breathe properly. This leads to shallow breath patterns that resemble people suffering from anxiety and can interfere with their quality of life. At our chiropractic office, we are big fans of breathing properly. We keep your spine aligned so that your diaphragm can function fluidly, and help you keep the right muscles in a state of strength so that each breath drawn captures the oxygen you need to thrive. We can also show you proper breathing techniques and how posture affects your ability to breathe as well.